About Agri Master

ABOUT Founded in 2004 as part of the Medivet Group, Agrimaster is one of Cambodia’s leading animal feed and nutrition company whose mission is to improve the health and performance of farmers, distributors and communities all over Cambodia. Agrimaster produces a range of high quality animal feed for swine, chicken, laying duck, and quail. Agrimaster is committed to continuous improvement. In 2013 Agrimaster invested in a new animal feed factory 30km out of Phnom Penh. This new factory is equipped with the latest modern facilities and is capable of supplying enough feed to meet the demands of farmers and distributors across Cambodia. In 2008 Agrimaster began investing in high grade chicken breeding farms and hatcheries and is now a fully integrated poultry producers which is involved in breeding, processing, marketing and distribution of broiler, native and layer chicken products. OUR GOAL Our products are produced at the highest standards and distributed all over cambodia. Our highly trained and experienced team of veterinarians provide technical support to farms and communities in both rural and urban areas in Cambodia. Together with farmers, distributors and local communities, we are committed to helping local farmers and business reach their full potential and prosper by raising healthy animals